Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ah, The Dog Days of Summer...

Which, in NYC, primarily affect the subway platforms... Three cheers for century-old air cooling methodology! -A

Holy Crap...

If you didn't catch the opening ceremonies on TV last night, look for clips on YouTube - the Chinese seriously know how to put on a show! (Well, they did invent gunpowder...) My favorite was when the final torch bearer FLEW INTO THE AIR and "ran" around the top of the stadium to light the torch - HOW MUCH DO I WANT THAT JOB?!?! Impressive...

Of course, not sure if all those fireworks are helping the pollution problem. But they were pretty damn cool, that's for sure... -A

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who're You Gonna Call?

Heron and I had the perfect mid-week date - with delicious takeout from our neighborhood gem Sushi Suki, we snuggled up on a blanket to watch Ghostbusters in Carl Schurz Park. The setting was perfect - a small neighborhood event in our cute little park, cooled by the river breezes. The organizers even provided free popcorn! -A

*Didn't have a picture of the movie event (held on the basketball court) - but here's the park! Isn't it pretty?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pink Sequin Atrocity = High Style?

I've been following The Sartorialist for a few years, inspired by his photos of New York and European street styles - and I admit to a secret fantasy where one day, if I dress really really well, he might just see me on the street and snap my picture. Seriously, this would pretty much be the highest style compliment ever, right up there with Stacey and Clinton surprising me with a $5000 BoA card to "just keep doing what you're doing". (A girl can dream, right?)

But one shouldn't mix up "boldness" with "total insanity"... I'm pretty sure Stacey and Clinton would tell this poor woman that even beyond the atrocious fabric, the juvenile style does her chest and waist NO FAVORS, and from now on, could she please save the toddler fashion for when her 2 year old is attending an Alice in Wonderland tea party... why this is even made in adult sizes boggles the mind. -A