Friday, July 25, 2008

Carl Schurz Park: Clouds and Fences

Yesterday was sunny and yet, still bearable - so I headed out to Carl Schurz Park to enjoy the river breezes.

(Incidentally, I had been calling this Carl Schultz Park up until 5min ago when I googled it for the link. Not that I haven't passed the sign about a thousand times... And now that I can spell it, I find there are all kinds of events going on - movies, music, knitting! Who knew?)

This tiny green oasis on the Upper East Side contains a surprising number of recreation options for such a small park (as well as Gracie Mansion), but we mostly love sitting along the East River and watching the DEP barges chug by. It's a small neighborhood-y getaway from our massive city...

On my way to the 6 train, there were some gorgeous sunbeams peaking around the buildings - I shot blindly due to the brightness but was fairly pleased with the results... -A

That's nice

So great to hear from you! Things have been a bit busy round here with work. The City's been pretty good, everybody's out in the Hamptons so there aren't that many people in the city. I'd go to the beaches if they weren't so packed. Plus there was a heat wave last week which was brutal. Be glad that you're farther north in the latitudes.

So what else is new? Oh right...

REPLY does not equal REPLY TO ALL!! I don't care that you miss New York pizza. Who the hell are you anyways? -H

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why bother with it at all?

In all honesty, why? I'm coming home from work the other day, and it's stupendously hot. Some guy is on the platform. I get the baggy polo, requisite wifebeater, and baggy shorts. I do, really I do. But WHY, is it even remotely

a) practical
b) comfortable
c) fashionable

to have your shorts hanging on your person any lower than the lower waist? The dude had his shorts just above his knees. I can barely function and dress in the morning. How does anyone have the mental capacity to put on a matching outfit, head to toe, that INCLUDES your boxers, and then have the coordination to physically walk out of the house with a belt strapped around your knees?

Seriously man. Why bother at all? -H

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pretty Pee Protectors

For those urban plants suffering from the scourge of dog urine, an inventive solution - plastic tulips serve both decorative and protective purposes, by giving Fido something indestructible to aim at. -A

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In Glorious High Def

With the acquisition of a sweet flat screen capable of high definition, my trumpeting of the new wave of technological wonder has led to the inevitable line of conversation with friends ending in an increduluous, "you DON'T have CABLE?!"

Ranting about the cable company's evil empire is a post in of itself. I WILL however discuss the readily available and FREE over the air digital HD signals. After thoroughly ignoring the manual and twiddling with the remote, I was able to store all manner of basic network signals using my $14 radioshack bunny ears.

Wow. Wow. Granted I only get NBC and Univision clearly, with occasional bursts of Fox and CBS (depending on the direction and strength of the wind that night). But wow.

Let's put it this way. While sucking down a protein shake after hitting the gym, I switched on said TV. Field hockey Olympic qualifiers were nice. But not HD. Switch to NBC-HD. And Nashville Star was on. I am not a fan of country. Nope.

And yet I couldn't change the channel.

HD baby. Jewel was on the show. In glorious HD. Bonus. Finally switched to CBS to catch CSI-Miami. Yeah, there are some hotties on that show. In glorious HD.

In glorious HD we trust. -H