Thursday, May 20, 2010

Passage du Grand Cerf


J'aime me balader dans ces petits passages qui sont plein des magasins intéressants. Mon nouvel découvert est le Passage du Grand Cerf, dans lequel j'ai trouvé des jolies boucles d'oreille et de centaines de poignées pour inspirer ma mère qui les voulait pour embellir la salle de bain.
I love wandering the little hidden passageways of Paris - it makes shopping feel like a treasure hunt. In my latest discovery, le Passage du Grand Cerf, I stumbled upon a huge display of pretty drawer pulls. ~A

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paris 1: Order with a Hint of (Pricey) Whimsy

Paris' opulent first arrondissement is the very essence of Parisian order and propriety, but I loved its lighter bits: a lacy metal wrap for an imposing ministry building, a cheeky take on the royalty theme at the metro stop, and of course the whimsical window displays for astronomically priced products. ~A


My teeny town outside of Paris, where the little Euro cars overwhelm even smaller ancient streets and tradition still dictates a two-hour brunch at the local brasserie. Even the train station is scenic... ~A

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Creperies and Alliance Francaise

Tasty creperies on my walk to French class. Also loving the open design of the Alliance Francaise building in Paris. ~A