Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer Days

Cape Cod, Summer 2008, me and a buddy enjoying the last twinges of summer. Nuff said. Hope y'all enjoyed the lazy days!


South Indian Dosas

Because it would be uncool for me not to put in a shameless plug, this man has the BEST dosas available in Manhattan. Go forth and support yer local foodie stall.

(see? I'm not anti-veg, just anti-stupid-ads-that-try-to-scare-people-into-veg) see previous 2 posts for context.


Camera Blurb

This picture came out pretty cool. Late night on 57th St with a slow shutter speed on a Panasonic point-and-shoot. Anybody know how to really dial in the manual settings on a Lumix FX-33?


Global Warming Doomsday

I may be somewhat ignorant of the actual hard numbers associated with this argument but, somehow the scientist and engineer (and the gastronomist) in me refuses to believe in the validity of the claim on the bus.

Keep in mind that I am certain that meat production contributes quite a bit to climate impacts (transportation, harvesting, processing) but there's absolutely no way that eating vegetarian or using animal-free products don't have similar impacts.

Chalk one up to the doomsday/fear approach. Cause that really worked in grade school.

BONUS: The website that they refer to is soooo legit-sounding. Click on the picture to zoom in; it's not even worth repeating here.

DOUBLE-BONUS: speaking of global warming, can the owner of the Chevy Cavalier that was parked outside of the Kips Bay Loews please stand up? I'm talking about the one that had 8 solar cells mounted to various surfaces of the car, and very likely was powering the 6-inch fan inside the car. That was awesome. Talk about grass-roots... (I had a picture that has since disappeared... boo)


First Day of School

Wish me luck... it's been quite awhile. :) -A

Getting Ready

I would like to personally thank design undercover for posting this poster - as it will be my mantra for the next two years. :) -A