Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crooked Still

Went to a concert last night by a band called Crooked Still. We first saw them at Joe's Pub a year ago and have totally gotten into them. Since that last concert, their lineup has changed as their cello player left, to be filled in by a cello player AND a fiddle player.

Concert last night was at an East Village bar called Drom. Decent space but the bar is awkwardly placed so standing room had an awkward view esp with columns in the way. The Joe's Pub concert we went to was WAAY more awesome if only because the crowd then was so much more hyped. The crowd at Drom seemed to be more interested in catching up with friends rather than paying attention. I dunno... maybe I felt left out?

In any case, Crooked still was still an awesome live show. Maybe I was jaded by the atmosphere but I really didn't get into the music till halfway through. A lot of their new stuff seems mildly mainstream and mellow. All of a sudden, the energy by the band really picked up. Lead singer was pulling her own twists on the songs (phenomenal voice by the way), banjo was picking a storm, cello and fiddle were wailing, bass was solid as ever... it was a great show overall. Of course Ali couldn't stop dancing the entire time.

Yup, pretty much the only bluegrass I'll listen to.