Monday, January 18, 2010

Picture #2: Juxtapositions on Broadway

 The mixture of architecture styles in New York highlights the interesting features of each building: the ornate spires of Grace Church stand out against the plain apartment building behind it; the details of an older redbrick structure are set off by the gleaming new glass tower beside it. ~A

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recipe #2: Martha's Perfect Mac 'n' Cheese

The first right move we made on this dish was to invite over extra people to help us eat it - and take more home. This recipe is supposed to serve 12 and it is inordinately rich, so a little worried about the dietary consequences of trying to tackle this on our own. But Martha definitely makes a delicious cheesy indulgence perfect for a cold winter night.

MODIFICATIONS: We substituted a horseradish white cheddar for more spice and a bit of regular yellow cheddar for color. I think both worked well. We didn't have fresh nutmeg, however, which may make a difference.

MAKE AGAIN? A crowd-pleaser - and outside the insane amount of cheese grating, not too difficult - so I think this might be a good option for the next potluck or holiday dinner. Thinking about adding carmelized onions or bits of sausage... Click below for the recipe. ~A