Friday, July 25, 2008

Carl Schurz Park: Clouds and Fences

Yesterday was sunny and yet, still bearable - so I headed out to Carl Schurz Park to enjoy the river breezes.

(Incidentally, I had been calling this Carl Schultz Park up until 5min ago when I googled it for the link. Not that I haven't passed the sign about a thousand times... And now that I can spell it, I find there are all kinds of events going on - movies, music, knitting! Who knew?)

This tiny green oasis on the Upper East Side contains a surprising number of recreation options for such a small park (as well as Gracie Mansion), but we mostly love sitting along the East River and watching the DEP barges chug by. It's a small neighborhood-y getaway from our massive city...

On my way to the 6 train, there were some gorgeous sunbeams peaking around the buildings - I shot blindly due to the brightness but was fairly pleased with the results... -A

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