Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fashion Epiphany

One day, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head as I gazed into my closet - hey, I love cardigans! Also, I work in an office which insists on being 55 degrees year-round... so why do I not own more of this fabulous layering item?

So I bought the first one from the Gap - comfy AND affordable. (In fact, I may soon own it in multiple colors...) And I'm eyeing the second at JCrew... loving the orange, but may need to head to the store for a little in-person reality check on whether that color and my pale skin play together nicely. And people, who knows WHAT craziness will ensue come fall... -A


chelsea said...

I had a Moth cardigan with an empire waist and long. It was perfectly fitted on top and looked really flattering worn over nearly everything. I've worn it to pieces and cannot find another!

Vera Wang says buy everything a size bigger and then where a fitted cardigan over it:)

ali&heron said...

Thanks - will keep that in mind during my little wardrobe overhaul...