Monday, April 13, 2009

Dilbert moment - IT usefulness

And there's a reason why Scott Adams writes some of the best cartoonery in the world. Cause the stuff really does happen. Case in point:

Laptop needed to be fixed Thursday afternoon.

Says IT Man 1 "leave it overnight, I'll have it ready for you at the Helpdesk first thing in the morning."

Friday morning: "Hey IT man 2, IT Man 1 said he'd have my computer ready for me."

IT Man 2, "We don't have your laptop here. maybe it's on IT Man 1's desk"

...Which it was.

IT Man 2, "Oh wait... you can't take it. IT Man 1 sent an email saying the computer's not done yet."

I proceeded to give IT Man 2 an incredulous look, "So IT Man 1 sent us an email telling me that the computer isn't ready yet, intending me to read my email on a computer that I haven't gotten back yet."

So Friday morning, I'm stuck doing "work" on a sh*ta*s loaner computer. Honestly, I often wonder about IT.


PS. hmm... this blogging thing is harder than it seems. Been 4 months since the last post. Sorry!

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