Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Things You Learn

Several important things I learned today:

1) It is IMPERATIVE that the lid is SECURE on the coffee cup BEFORE drinking hot coffee. Thankfully, I was wearing a rain coat at the time. Unfortunately, while my jacket dried out relatively quickly, it thoroughly looked like I peed myself. well, heeello, cute checkout girl... it's not what you think. honestly.... it's coffee.

2) I've heard this from many a person, but I do mghuabmle. I mean, mumble. I've got to learn to articulate my words, which leads me to the third great lesson the day:

3) It is apparently never too early for steak and cheese (colloquially known as cheesesteak) at the roach coach. I was a little early for a site visit, and decided I was hungry so stopped off at a roach coach to snag a bite to eat.

"Egg and cheese on a roll, please!" says I to the master chef.

"You want onions on that?"

"uuum, sure just a little bit," says I, somewhat thrown off but definitely looking forward to some extra flavor to the breakfast sandwich.

Five minutes later, I give him a $10 bill and receive $5 in change. Shit, that was the most expensive egg and cheese I've EVER had. Crack the bundle of aluminum foil open and lo, and behold: a steak and cheese sandwich. At 7:30 AM. The chef confused "egg" with "steak". Heck, he completely eliminated anything remotely close to eggs. I had in fact ordered a cheesesteak. At 7:30 AM.

Don't judge me, what do you think I did with it? Excuse my while I clear out my arteries...

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